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Henry County is a great place to work and live

Everyone wants a great place to live and work. A place where you feel connected to community. Where people slow down and take time to enjoy life. Get off the high-stress treadmill and join us as we build, grow, and thrive in Henry County, Alabama.

Headland Named Safest City in Alabama

The Southwest Journal recently compared cities in Alabama and curated a list of the top 10 safest places to live. Headland, AL was at the top of the list of safest cities in Alabama!

What’s Happening in Henry County

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A Business Friendly Environment

Businesses Thrive in Henry County

In Henry County, you’ll find plenty of space to stake your claim and grow your business. Our rural setting offers wide open space, beautiful landscapes, and fresh air. The change of scenery alone will make you feel like a new person.

Henry County is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with hunting, boating, and fishing complemented by golf, off-roading, bird watching, and horseback riding. It’s a great place to live and play, which means it’s also a great place to build your business because happy employees make better employees.

You’ll find access to technology, healthcare, and entertainment close at hand as well as easy access to major cities, the gulf coast, and Lake Eufaula. Now is the perfect time to explore your options in Henry County.

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Henry County?


Quality of Life

Great community, beautiful nature, low cost of living, and tons of outdoor activities make Henry County a great place to live.


Business Friendly

Business opportunities, low taxes, workforce development, and transportation make Henry County a great place to work.


Easily Accessible

Easy access to major cities, quality healthcare, and the Florida gulf coast make Henry County convenient for businesses and individuals.

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Henry County, Alabama located on the Alabama Georgia border embodies true southern hospitality. We work hard to maintain the traditional values of a small town community while also keeping up with technology. Henry County has an abundance of land ready to be developed including timber, agricultural, and pasture. You will enjoy easy access to major hubs like Atlanta, Columbus, Birmingham and the Gulf Coast without the stress of operating in those congested areas. Major highways and railroads leading straight to the port of Panama City, bring in both customers and resources.


Ready to explore your options?

We make it easy to establish a business in Henry County. Here’s what to do:

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