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As a farmer you need resources, a strong labor force, and business-friendly local government.  Henry County is home to thousands of acres of available farmland. With ample space, limited restrictions, and direct access to major highways, Henry County is a great place to grow your agriculture based business.

Agriculture supports our community in many ways including: production of food, hay, job creation, and land management.  We are proud to have a strong agricultural foundation.

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Source: USDA 2017 Census of Agriculture

Agriculture Highlights

Golden Peanut Co.

Since 1986, Golden has been a global leader in the peanut industry. As markets, manufacturers and consumers have evolved over the past three decades, so has Golden. As a diversified business, Golden Peanut helps farmers, manufacturers, and agricultural businesses grow from the ground up. The Headland plant provides shelling, cold storage, and blanching among other things.

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