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As a manufacturing business you need resources, a strong labor force, and business-friendly local government.  Henry County is home to many manufacturing businesses that deliver products across the country. With ample space, limited restrictions, and direct access to a major highways, Henry County is a perfect spot to build your manufacturing facility.

Henry County is home to successful manufacturing firms like YellaWood, Abbeville Fiber, TriDelta Systems, and Red Star Yeast. These successful companies understand the benefits of a business-friendly government committed to supporting and promoting our business community. Explore your options, and see if Henry County could be a good fit for your business.

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In 1970, Jimmy Rane founded Great Southern Wood Preserving. Located in Abbeville, AL, it started as a small, struggling business with only two employees. With a loan from the bank and the determination to succeed, Jimmy turned his small company into the national brand you know today, YellaWood. Although Great Southern Wood Preserving now has 14 plants spread across the country, the corporate headquarters are still located in Abbeville, Al, right in the heart of Henry County.

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